This epaper was written by Maija, Creativity Guide and Engagement Consultant at Pixink. It draws together for the first time the 5 pillars of a meaningful engagement framework. Art examples are used to demonstrate the process of communication, interaction design, and relationship-building from a new angle.

'I believe business owners are in a unique position to build environments, opportunities, and communities to support the change they want to see in the world.' --- Maija Liepins

So I invite you to get clear on your vision.

I invite you to make your work your art, by which we mean do it with love.

And Pixink will be here to connect you to the people and information that will help your business grow.

I believe that building a business is a creative act. A business starts out as an idea; starts out as a vision in the mind of its founder who then works to make it real through their business activities.

So whether you identify yourself as a ‘creative person’ or not, art inspired problem solving is a powerful approach to help you develop innovative and creative solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

The only prerequisite of the artist is that he has fire in his belly.

Art is something that we create with love, passion, and vision. It is a physical manifestation of an idea.


New 'Energy Position Indicator'


I have developed a unique method to help you reinvigorate your business. This starts with the Energy Position Indicator (EPI) assessment. Try it today and learn:

1.. How to recognise your energy postion

2. What six key areas affect energy and consequently brand engagement

3. How well your organisation is performing in those six areas

4. What would be the most meaningful focus for you going forward.

The EPI is a giant first step to an engagement strategy that results in a truly co-created company where each individual can leave their inspired mark, one where the most important things take care of themselves. That future is within reach, and it starts here.

Find out more / Try it now

Building The Artist Toolbox


I'd love... my #ForTheLoveOfIt project over the next few years to be collecting insights, exercises, and guidance into a toolkit that can be used to encourage creative thinking and practices in individuals and organisations such as businesses, schools, and community interest companies. Think 'The Artists Way' but dare I say even better?

That's my ambition.

I'll talk about the ways I navigate my work in the world as 'an artist' first and foremost, interrogate and reflect on my own creative process.


But I work best in conversation with others, so if you want to

please contact me below.

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